PCT Procedures and Passage into the European Phase
by Peter Watchorn und Andrea Veronese:

"To say that the Patent Co-operation Treaty is a complex piece of legislation is like saying that the centre of the sun is hot, or that plumbing a toaster into your bath is a bad idea. Whilst true, it is something of an understatement. However, in spite of its complexity, this treaty has increased almost exponentially in popularity over the last ten years.

The PCT is also of increasing importance in the training of patent agents worldwide. Most patent agents will have to deal with the PCT for a significant part of their working life. Consequently the PCT takes on an ever increasing importance in the training of patent professionals. This is particularly true for the training of European patent agents, where knowledge of PCT procedures is essential for success in the European Qualifying Examination (EQE).

The book „PCT Procedures and Passage into the European Phase“ is designed to help the expert reader find the information he needs to process his application via the PCT into the European regional phase and to overcome any difficulties he may encounter on the way. Consequently, for those interested in navigating the many pitfalls and bear traps which it is possible for the hapless user to blunder into or, having blundered into one, for those interested in escape, read on....."

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